You Better Fly Away - 1979 - Clarinet Summit


Theo Jörgensmann (Clarinet), Bernd Konrad (Clarinet), Kai Kanthak (Bass), John Carter (Clarinet), Didier Lockwood (Violin), Perry Robinson (Clarinet), Aldo Romano (Drums), Gianluigi Trovesi (Clarinet), Jean-François Jenny-Clark (Bass), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (Clarinet), Günter Sommer (Drums), Eje Thelin (Trombone), Stan Tracey (Piano)

Enregistrement : Recorded Live at New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden, November 26-30, 79 in Südwestfunk Studio, Baden Baden and in Old Castle Mainz, Germany
Référence : MPS Records ‎– 0068.251


1 You Better Fly Away (5:58)
2 Piccolo Processione (4:56)
3 Handwork (13:28)
4 Tales of Trolls (7:33)
5 Scene from the Black Forest (10:40)
6 Das Ding (The Thing) (6:20)

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